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Our members banked 315% over a 3 day period after we alerted MDBX.  MDBX is a medical marijuana penny stock with huge potential.  Our members were able to take advantage of this stocks’ big move before the rest of the market was aware of the stocks’ potential.  Timing is everything with penny stocks.



This water industry penny stock was a major winner for our members.  The California drought caused this stock to pop over 100% and our members were there for the entire move.  It is important that you get your stock pick advice from a group that can anticipate how stocks in a variety of sectors will react to market specific moves.


This micro-cap stock with huge potential revenues was alerted to our members before it went on a 180% run.  Our members were alerted to COTE after they reported a huge order for their next generation generators and the rest of the traders in the market caught on soon after.


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If you like trading daily alerts you would be well served by joining a stock trading group.  These groups are most likely no compensated by the stocks they are picking which means there is most likely a monthly fee to be a part of the group.  The most popular and most effective group in the market for finding the best stocks to buy today is  Their membership fees are low and their track record is incredibly good.

The best part about trading groups is that the members goals are aligned with the goals of the website.  Free stock pick websites align their goals with the insiders of the stocks they “pick” because that is who is paying them.  The only way trading groups make money is if their members continue to pay their membership dues.  The people who run trading groups realize that they need to provide high quality picks or their members will leave, which completely aligns the goals of the website and its’ members.

Featured Stock:  ARIA

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA) is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of breakthrough treatments for cancer.  The company is known for its’ only approved product “Iclusig”, which is facing intense competition of late.  Moreover, the company has a weak pipeline with only two candidates.

Nonetheless, Iclusig is Ariad’s crown jewel, given its’ strong revenue generating power.  The product is reportedly drawing attention from Baxalta Incorporated and Shire plc, as competition in the high-potential oncology market is heating up.

Notably, Ariad’s stock recently jumped 40% when a Bloomberg report suggested a likely takeover by Baxalta.

The stocks’ current market capitalization is $1.36 billion; and the company is expected to win a takeover premium of 47.1%.


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